5 Steps apply Clip-in Hair Extensions


Many women use Clip-in hair extensions to add instant mass into the tireless locks.

But there is an art to apply clip-in hair extensions and blend the hair for a full, natural look. To help, we enlisted the expansion from Laylahair, as they just released their brand new set of clip-ins called seamlessly, to give us a guided tour. step by step …

Step 1: Start with clean hair because you can make it harder to keep your Clip-in hair extensions safe.

Step 2: Transfer your hair from ear to ear using smaller fingers than comb. It has no straight line!

Step 3: Hold the remaining hair on the head with a large clamp.


Step 4: Take a backcombing brush or a brush start to gently tease and backcomb the hair section so you create a ‘shelf’ to attach your clips to. Take your time to allow the back of the hair extensions. Finally, spray the area with the hair spray to provide the clamp.

Step 5: Next, grab your footage, remove the knobs ready to brush your hair. It is a good idea to feel the teeth while cutting them in and ensure that the teeth are pushed through the sections of the hair completely because this will make the hair feel secure.

Step 6: Once the clips are fitted it is the best way to look at the back of your head.

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Top tips

Adding a few pieces of hair will make it easier for you to style and feel confident that they will not show up. In addition, there is a piece in a piece that is completely safe and secure.

If you want to make a clip fit faster, then work with fewer parts making it easier! Just 1 x 100g of hair will suit most people for daily use. While on weekends, you can add more feathers when you have more time to spend on designs!

Do not be afraid to fit your part. When you invest in a good quality clip in piece that has a completely seamless connection then you will not have to worry about that show!

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