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Today, a lot of people have bought and used Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is one of the most popular hairstyles on the market today. It is known for its entire body, beautiful relaxation, texture and flexibility. But many people do not have enough knowledge to choose to meet bad hair online. It’s not satisfying to spend a lot of money and time on it. As a Cambodian hair manufacturer for five years, today’s Layla Hair Salon shares some ideas, to help you get the best Cambodian hair, you need to shine your beauty.

First, forget that meaningless hair names: 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, 10a …


At Layla Hair Company, we never tell clients we suply have AAAA hair or AAAAA standard hair. To be honest, this grade does not make sense for hair quality.

I know you will be surprised but it is completely true. This classification system is created by manufacturers in China as an easy way to explain to their customers “how good the hair is.”

There is currently no body or organization in this world to issue a grade A judgment, on all hair types in this market, even the Cambodian hair market.

Because a lot of hair people hair on the market, and do not have any one to spend time and money to check all vendors to determine its level. There is no clear A standard that we should follow, but many consumers think so.

Then this level A changes to be a degree of forging, each person has a grade A standard.

What we consider to be our 7A hair extension could be 9A from another company. Serious! When people ask what our hairstyles are we usually go with 7A for Chinese Hair, 8A for Cambodian Hair, and RAW for Vietnamese Hair.

So if you want to buy the best Cambodian hair, please do not ask for Camaro’s class 8A grade.

Once you say this, it looks like you are new, then you are at risk of being cheated.

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Secondly, best Cambodian hair produces more volume at the end with hair fullness

We all know in the material of the hair market a lot of volume of long hair in the bundle, its cost is more. This is an important point, decide whether tangled hair or not is the direction of the hair shaft decisive confusion or not. When the hair cuts in the same direction, so the hair is not easy to tangle; When the epidermis is not in the same direction, especially the treated hair, it becomes more tangled.

To get “Full Cuticle” hair is not a short process. It takes a lot of time and because of this it will be more expensive but worth your money! In Layla’s hair, we kept the best Cambodian hair quality for long time without ever being allowed, color or processed.

When you buy, touch the surface of the Cambodian hair, if it is greasy and thick, it means the hair can last longer. The hair is fresh and when you pull a piece of hair, if it is stretched, and not easy to split or break, it means the hair surface is ok, not easy to drop or fall after use. .

As we know, it is not easy to find high quality Cambodian hair, Layla’s hair is dedicated to providing the best haircut hair as well as the best service. All our hair is made of virgin bristles with a full epidermis in the direction of growth. It does not tangle or fall off. They can be dyed, straightened, curved, washed or dried as well as your hair and remain healthy.


Third, choose the best Cambodian hair from the texture:

Cambodian hair is becoming more and more increasing, because it has a rough texture and is a good mix of new African American hair. Cambodian hair is as natural as our hair, no problem and therefore very easy to maintain without much effort. All the extensions are matte and tangle free so you will not have to worry about dealing with a mess in the morning if you choose our high quality hair products. Enjoy your hair and get the trendy hairstyle that you always wanted with the main hair extension of Cambodia.

Many partners have cooperated with me over the years and bought our hair for a long time.

I love our hair in Cambodia – the best hair extension and if you are interested in getting more advice.

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