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We share here some of our tips to make your hair always be beautiful.

What is Remy Hair & Vietnam Remy Hair


At present, the demand for beauty of the people is so high, so there are many beautiful products for customers to choose, especially hair. There are many types of hair to honor the beauty of each person. Perhaps the most popular type of hair is Remy hair. What is Remy Hair? Today I will help you […]

Vietnamese Hair is one of the best types hair


In recent years, many women prefer to use human hair, especially Asian human hair. Today, I will introduce Vietnamese hair to you, the new customers. It is one of the best types hair in Asia. We will start by answering you:”What is Vietnamese hair?” It is the hair collected from Vietnamese ladies. In other words, Vietnamese hair […]

Vietnam Human Hair Extensions


HUMAN HAIR EXTENSION Nowaday, human hair extensions are becoming a new trend, allowing users to experience a variety of styles. They are sold in many places with different designs, convenient for consumers to choose. However, we need the right selection, to avoid some problems with hair. As demand increases, there are many types of human hair extensions supplied in the […]

The Difference bettween Human hair extension and Synthetic Hair Wigs?


You will know the difference between Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Fiber from material, hair color and hair appearance. And how you can distinguish Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Fiber by fire burning and high temperature hair straighter. Which is right for you? Maybe both. Human Hair and Synthetic Hair have advantages and limitations which […]

Easy steps to revive your hair extensions

Sea Water Exposure

The longevity of hair extensions depends largely on their quality and how much attention you pay to the hair care process. Nonetheless, this cannot stop your hair extensions from deterioration. Why? And how can we bring the life back to them? Find out below! My hair extensions are ruined! Over time, your hair extensions start to deteriorate and […]

Maintain the wavy hair


Nowadays, Wavy hair is a popular hairstyle, an attractive hair makes you seductive and stylish . However, Bending agent makes hair become dry, fibrous , easily damaged  and not everyone has much time to go to hairdressing salons for regular care. Today I will tell you some effective ways to maintain the wavy hair.  To […]

Lace closure is important part of a hair extension

Women who care about their hair or their wigs should care about lace closure.Lace closures are unique hairpieces in which each hair strands are tied onto a piece of lace. The laces are either beige or dark brown because these colors are similar to human skin color, especially scalp. A lace closure is usually about 3.5”x4”. […]

Causes of hair loss

Hair Care Hair loss is the concern of most women. So what is the cause of this? Let’s explore something together in the article below. First, due to improper diet, excess body or lack of nutrients leads to hair loss. To solve it, we need a healthy diet. You should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily to […]

Care hair extensions in winter


 A suitable hair with your face and your skin tone is woman’s dream. Sometime, a natural hair doesn’t respond your demand. And a hair extension is the best choice for you. When you had a suitable hair, they need to be cared carefully. So, today we will suggest for you: ”How to care hair extensions in winter?” With […]

Care hair extensions in Summer

Nowadays, Hair extensions will be selected because it is a fairly popular item for woman. If you have a perfect hair, I am sure that you will very beautiful and attractive. But, when you had a perfect hair with our hair extension, you will answer that: “How to care hair extensions?”. Caring a hair extensions is very […]

Tips for care human hair extensions

Today, we have used or are using beautiful hair extensions , but it is not easy to take care of them. So, How to care for hair extensions is the question that many people concern about. In the course of your consultation, we will tell you exactly how to maintain your hair extensions to keep them in […]

Vietnam Remy Hair

vietnam remy hair

REMY HAIR When you see the term “Remy” it essentially refers to the characteristics of the hair as well as the method used to manufacture and assemble the hair extensions. So we can say, remy hair is a perfect choice to change the look and bring freshness to the appearance.      Remy hair is purchased from […]