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You are looking for the best quality Remy hair extension supplier for your salon, store or yourself … but there are so many Remy hair wholesalers with a lot of types in the market right now. They make you so confuse which the wholesale hair extension with the best supplier, the best quality, and the competitive price. The best virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors in Vietnam- Layla Hair company so that we are able to help you get the best options.

What is the Vietnam Remy hair?

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Vietnam remy hair extensions 

The term “REMY” is referred to the characteristics of the hair extensions. Vietnam Remy hair is Human Hair and is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions because it achieves the most natural look. Good Vietnam Remy hair considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles kept intact and not stripped which means the hair follicles all go in one single direction. Preserving the hairs” cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance.

Moreover, Vietnam Remy hair collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting), top at the top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and this eliminates tangling problems.

Our Vietnam Remy hair is only lightly processed hence Remy human hair extensions should last up to a lifetime with regular maintenance. Some characteristics of Remy Hair in Layla Hair Remy hair wholesalers is all of the hair cuticles aligned and running in the same direction. It collected in a way where all the hair strands stay aligned and do not tangle or matte over time. Vietnam Remy hair can take longer to manufacture. But, it’s more expensive because it is in short supply.

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Vietnam Remy Hair from Layla wholesalers Remy hair distributors.

Layla hair company only uses untreated virgin hair to produce its Remy hair extensions. Besides, the hair harvested carefully from donors who painstakingly take good care of their hair. And, then assembled into Remy hair extensions without being exposed to chemicals. Our extensions are of the genuine Remy sort. Because we ensure that, the cuticles of the weft we produce remain undamaged. As a result, Remy wavy hair extensions original direction for a more natural look.

layla hair- best remy hair wholesalers
best remy hair wholesalers

Vietnam Remy hair extensions will bring for you natural-looking locks that complement a wide range of hairstyles. They can wear by those whose hairstyles are already wavy. However, the extensions can also wear by individuals with straight hair. Remy wavy hair extensions add body to their wearer’s hairstyle and can be worn loose or tied. Furthermore, some even choose to braid, cut and or dye their extensions. It is entirely possible thanks to the durability and versatility of quality Remy hair from Layla Hair.

Next, Remy wavy hair extensions from Layla Remy hair wholesalers is exported to the European countries, North America, and Asia. We enjoy a high prestige owing to our highest quality standard and latest hair fashion design.

Remy hair wholesalers vendor commits

  • 1000 kg of virgin hair extensions per month.
  • 1000 lace closures, 500 frontals, 300 full lace wigs per month.
  • 100% real human Vietnamese Hair.
  • 100% virgin hair (single donor).
  • Thin, strong, silky, smooth.
  • 100% natural hair (have the full cuticle, no processed).
  • 100% Remy hair (never tangled, the same direction).
  • Following the customer’s request.

Especially, Layla Hair is one of the biggest Remy hair wholesalers vendor, manufacturers, exporters of Vietnamese hair. After many experienced years in this field as a hair vendor and factory, Layla Hair virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors fully understands that only high-quality hair with competitive prices can attract and keep respectable customers coming back, which is our strong point.

Why is Layla Hair the best virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors?

best virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors
best virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors

Furthermore, with the advantage of having our own workshop and self-purchasing, Layla Remy hair wholesalers vendor is proud to be able to meet any needs of all customers. Layla Hair wholesale hair vendor has been being the reliable Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian hair supplier. And hair vendor for many big brands located all over the world, as well as hair salon systems, hair retailers and people who just start doing hair business.

Layla virgin Remy hair wholesalers distributors have a large loyal customers system all over the world: Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Rusia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, United State, Germany and so on. We are searching and trading with more and more customers around the world.

In addition, Layla Remy hair wholesale also constantly learn and improve the quality of Vietnam human hair products in order to meet increasing customers’ requirements. Moreover, in the recent, Layla Remy hair wholesalers vendor is able to provide customers with the various type of product.

After reading all of the above information, Layla Remy hair wholesale believes that you will understand clearly about Vietnam Remy hair. So now, why don’t you buy Vietnam hair extension from Remy hair wholesalers Layla Hair? It will absolutely change your life.