Vietnam Human Hair Extensions


Nowaday, human hair extensions are becoming a new trend, allowing users to experience a variety of styles. They are sold in many places with different designs, convenient for consumers to choose. However, we need the right selection, to avoid some problems with hair.

As demand increases, there are many types of human hair extensions supplied in the market. But not all hair is quality. For example, Chinese hair are highly regarded, but are confused with poor quality Chinese hair products. When using the product, users can suffer from allergies and scalp injuries due to the detergent still remains. So you can keep in mind other countries are Vietnam, Cambodia to try their hair extensions.

Hair material is another thing to keep in mind. Hair is bought, preliminarily processed and colored according to customer’s requests. Human hair has the advantage of being softer than artificial hair. So we can make hair made from human hair easily, giving a true sense of human user. Because of its better quality and better performance, wigs cost much more than hair from other materials.


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Besides the habit of using hair and preserving the hair is also very important. Users should limit their use of human hair extensions when it is hot. This habit causes many harms to the user, such as obstruction of blood vessels, poor circulation of blood and inflammation. Hair should be cleaned regularly with appropriate hair conditioning solutions such as shampoos, conditioners, pendants, hairsprays and combs. During use, keep your hair clean and dry, free from dirt. Keep your hair in plastic bags to avoid dust, to avoid direct contact with sunlight.

One important step that can not be ignored is to wash the hair. We only use cold water for washing and must use the hair shampoo. Do not comb the hair when it is wet to avoid hair loss. Let your hair dry naturally, do not use dryer.

Hopefully the information above will help you better understand the problems when using as well as how to protect the human hair extensions.

Thank you so much for reading.