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Care Virgin Hair | Where To Buy Good Wigs Online?

In this topic we will talk about one of the most important questions that comes to our minds when we by wigs,

So to answer this question "where to buy good wigs online"  

We need to understand the difference between the hair quality and how much does a fair price is!

So There are three different types of wigs,

First one is the virgin hair wig or sometimes it's called A10 Grade wig,

The Virgin Hair has never been chemically processed and is considered the finest,

It usually lasts from 2 up to 4 years,

And then as for the prices, the Virgin Hair is considered to be the most expensive type of hair, although the prices differ from one website to another,

Then we have the Remy hair or sometimes it's called A8 Grade hair,

This hair is still a 100% Human hair, the only difference between it and the Virign Hair is that the Remy hair has been chemically processed and that is why it lasts less than the Virgin hair,

And it's quite obvious that the Remy Hair is cheaper than the Virgin Hair,

The third type is the synthetic hair, this type of hair is a synthetic that has no Human Hair what so ever, the price of the synthetic wig is the cheapest and it's the lowest quality too,

Then a short answer for the question "where can i buy human hair wigs?"

There are so many brands online to buy from and the prices differ from a Website to the other, although to find the cheapest and highest quality hair you want to first check the wigs reviews and rating, and the price as well,

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